Studio Time (Includes Mixing & Mastering*)

  1 Hour               -     $  50

10 Hours             -     $400

* Mixing & Mastering is as scheduled time permits for non-exclusive works.

* 10 Hour Blocks Must Be Paid In Full And Session Booked For Block Rates.



Mixing (Includes Mastering)

  1-16 Channels  -     $  50

17-32 Channels  -     $100

32-48 Channels  -     $150


  1 Song                -     $  50

10 Songs              -     $400

* Please read full rates and Points details below.

Custom Production/Beats

Starting at $500

*Read Full Details Below

General Info On Rates & Points

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book a session.

All sessions must be booked at least 48 hours in advance.

What you pay, the percentages our engineers require and what services you get depend on if the project you are recording is original content with all licensing or is a non-licensed/limited-rights song (meaning you don’t own the rights to the instrumental or any samples used or have a lease providing limited rights or non-exclusive rights).

All sessions, whether for licensed or unlicensed songs, include a copy of the song either on CD (Limit 4/Session), digital format such as a wav file on a thumb drive, or mp3 via email after the session.

The standard hourly rate for use of the studio and any available equipment is $40 per hour. If you use our engineers, our engineers register any original works with BMI at the standard rates of 8% for Rap/Hip-Hop or 12% for R&B/Pop if we did not make the beat. We require 50% if we make the beat. We require an additional percentage for writing based on how much of it our producers write but not to exceed 75%.

Credits for the studio as well as for the Producers are also required to be posted with all works. Credits must be posted on any inserts that accompany the works and anywhere the works are posted online.

All recordings will be documented by split sheets at the time of the session and filed for your records.

(If you are a new artist and need more information on registering songs, percentages, or have any other questions please call for more information. 214-500-2256)

If you 1) own the exclusive rights to the instrumental, 2) supply the Raw (No Effects Applied) Tracked Out/Bounced Out/Stem files for the instrumental 3) Provide a copy of the purchase agreement from the composer and 4) Submit the completed Split Sheets and 5) Monetize the song after completion then you will only pay for your session time ($40 per hour) and the engineers percentages with BMI. All post production is completed later at no further expense to you. This allows us to invest the time into these projects to do all of the advanced engineering that takes the project from sounding great to sounding like a Grammy Winning song so that the song can be as successful as possible. Let’s get those royalties and awards!!! (We reserve the right to rescind the offer for free post production if our producers deem the song to not have royalty earning potential. Post production time will be billed back to the client if the song is not monetized within 9 months of completion.)

Exclusively Owned Projects

If you are recording a mixtape or recording over an instrumental that you do not own the exclusive rights to then all services are by the hour at the standard rate of $40 per hour. This includes Recording, Editing, Advanced Engineering, Mixing and Mastering but is limited to what can be done in the time you book and pay for. Because these unlicensed types of projects cannot be freely monetized there is little to no chance of earning royalties from the song later. Therefore any time put into these projects must be paid for at the standard hourly rates. Percentages for our engineers will still apply for leased projects where you have limited rights to the instrumental but post production services still must be paid for at the standard hourly rate.

Non-Licensed or Non-Exclusive Rights Songs

If you have lost your copy of the song that was supplied at the session or if you would like to receive your project stem files or project track outs you may requests these with the service fees outlined:


Copy of Songs on Disc: $5 per disk (Best Value)

MP3 Files Via Email: $3 Per File

WAV Files Via Dropbox: $5 per WAV Uploaded

Project Stem Files (on CD or Uploaded Dropbox): $20 per project

Project Track Out Files (on CD or Uploaded to Dropbox): $20 per project

(NOTE: These fees cover the costs of the engineers time taken to fill the request as well as the cost associated with internet service, costs of disks, cost of Dropbox for Business, and other overhead expenses associated with filling these requests.)

Resubmitting of Files

We can provide live audio services for any sized event. Rates depend on the size of the event and what all equipment will be required and the estimated time our engineers will need to be on site. Please call with the details of your event needs to receive a quote.

Live Audio Services


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